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How do I know counselling is working?

You’re the best judge over the course of your counselling sessions to know that it is working. But here are some common changes that clients have told us they have noticed:

  • I feel less anxious / alone / sad / overwhelmed / angry / frightened / suicidal etc
  • I understand and like myself more
  • I know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel
  • I know that what I experienced was normal and there is nothing wrong with me
  • I feel happier
  • I am more in control of my emotions

You may also see physical or practical changes as a result of your counselling, for example

  • You sleep better
  • You don’t argue with people as much
  • You can show different emotions that you didn’t think possible
  • You don’t self-harm any more
  • You get a job
  • You eat better
  • You socialise more with friends