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What should I look for in a counsellor?

Whether you choose to come to Recommend Counselling or to look elsewhere, there are some important things that you should check.

Your counsellor or therapist should

  • have recognised academic qualifications. If you aren’t sure what they are or what they mean, ask them!
  • adhere to a professional code of conduct
  • have regular supervision sessions to ensure that they are following safe and ethical practise. Again don’t be afraid to ask your counsellor about how this works and what it means, if you are unclear about anything
  • be open and honest with you from the start before you both make any commitment to each other. This might include
    • how your counsellor works and what approaches they might use
    • any issues about confidentiality
    • their fees
    • the length and frequency of the sessions
    • your responsibilities to them
    • their responsibilities to you