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Sex and relationship therapy

As a sex therapist I work with sexual difficulties such as pain, difficulties with orgasms, low or mismatched desire, and issues with erections or ejaculation. I am kink knowledgeable and work with all types of non-monogamous relationships. The relationships you bring to therapy do not need to be romantic or sexual but can include intimate partners, friendships, play partners, and do not need to be limited to two people. I work within a gender, sex, and relationship diversity model (GSRD) and have lived experience as a queer, kinky, non-monogamous person. I also fully believe that sex work is work and am sex worker positive.

The sex therapy I offer is a talk based therapy. Psychosexual issues can be emotional, physiological, social, or a combination of any of these. I am not a doctor but can work alongside medical treatments. Additionally, I have training in working with people who have experienced trauma and shame, and have worked with people who wanted to explore what sex might look like after sexual assault.

The relationship therapy I offer varies from relationship to relationship, but can include life transitions, conflict and anger, affairs, and how sexual difficulties might impact your relationships. I also offer therapy around opening up your relationships, consensual non-monogamy, and exploring kinks. I am committed to the Memorandum of Understanding 2 which is to end the practice of conversion therapy. This applies to gender identity and sexual orientation but also includes not ‘converting’ asexual people into sexual people.

In smaller communities such as LGBTQIA+, Non-Monogamous and BDSM / Kink, there is likely to be the potential for dual relationships to develop. You can find my professional boundaries statement here.